To start with, I think I should give you some background info about myself. In 2018, I finished my master in Systems Engineering in Argentina. During my time at college I was focused on software performance and programming languages, I was even applying to start a PhD and continue in the academic world.

After doing some mandatory internships to get my degree I found myself really self-involved with Frontend Development and mostly curious about why do we build stuff. This leads me to pursue a career as a Frontend Engineer, but after a couple of years I realized I wanted to be even more involved in what to build, and why to build it, so I ended up transitioning into full-time Product Manager.

Currently, my main goal is to build enjoyable and valuable Products. Sometimes I find myself missing the technical part, that is why I keep this website alive, using it as a playground to test new libraries and frameworks. I truly believe in the Product Engineer as a role that will emerge soon, Engineers who get really involved in really understanding the problem space and empathizing with the users.


  • Medbelle

    Product Manager

    Nov 2019 - Present

    1 yr 11 mos

  • CodeYourFuture

    Product Manager

    Jul 2021 - Present

    3 mos


  • Medbelle

    Frontend Engineer

    Jun 2018 - Nov 2019

    1 yr 6 mos

  • StartupBoost

    Full-stack Engineer

    Mar 2018 - May 2019

    1 yr 3 mos


Across the years, I've done a couple of personal projects, some of them framed as student projects as they were developed while in College to establish knowledge and take into practice some theoric concepts.

Other projects have been developed as pet projects while trying to get a better understanding over certain technologies, as you will appreciate I have a clear inclination to programming languages and how do they work under the hood.

  • Miricyl Learning Tool

    Guide with curated information for people with mental health issues

    Volunteer Project
  • Babel-plugin-CSS-generator-react-components

    CSS-in-JS solution, allows to define custom tags and attach styles to them

    Personal Project
  • JSFObA

    JavaScript dead code analyzer

    Personal Project
  • DPSolver

    Interactive tool to apply the Davis-Putnam algorithm

    Student Project
  • Simple Language Compiler

    Simple imperative and procedural language compiler

    Student Project
  • Subset Sum Game

    Implementation of multiple algorithms to solve the knapsack problem

    Student Project